Kurt Kinetic Road Machine First impressions

I received my new Kurt Kinetic Road Machine bike trainer that I ordered from Clever Training yesterday. So it was a given when I got home from work yesterday what I would be doing.
First unboxing


As you can see if comes in a very stout box. So good so that Clever Training used the factory box as the actual shipping box through UPS.
The box came in good condition and is certainly a box I will keep for future storage and travel of the trainer as needed.
Once opening up you will find the trainer and all contents neatly wrapped in plastic and protected by lots of styrofoam


Now taking all the contents out of the packaging you are left with


From this point it’s just following Kurt Kinetics clear and easy instructions to put the trainer together. After getting the Road Machine assembled I took the new all metal skewer that Kurt Kinetic includes on my Specialized Transition Elite AL. I then mounted my bike on the trainer and set the tension. Kurt Kinetic states that you should tension the flywheel just enough to prevent slippage. From what I understand about this trainer the fluid and the fan in the fluid is set so that at the resistance is designed to match realistic resistances encountered when on the road at set speeds. It’s because of this power curve that the Trainer Road Website recommends the use of this trainer with their estimated power feature on their website.
Here is a picture of my bike all mounted on the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine


I’m now all set up and ready to ride.

Tonight my plan to “test” out the new trainer was to use Trainer Roads 20 minute Threshhold test to determine my FTP and LTHR.
This is an hour long test designed to check you max sustained ability for a given period. It’s a challenging test but gives a good guideline for current ability and improvements in ability.
If you are a data junkie like I am here is my training session on Garmin Connect
Trainer Road 20 minute Threshold test on Garmin Connect

Back to the trainer. Upon getting on the trainer I was immediately surprised at how quiet this thing is. I had been using a Bell Motivator magnetic trainer borrowed from a friend to help me decide if I even wanted to purchase a trainer. With the Bell trainer it was a struggle to hear anything over the sound of the trainer which meant the tv volume gets turned louder and it gets ever harder to hear anyone speaking. Also with the Bell trainer the faster you went the louder it got. This is not so with the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. It seemed to be just as quiet at slow speeds as it did when I was doing near max effort. This impressed me greatly and was in fact one of the reasons I chose a fluid trainer over a magnetic trainer when shopping around.

My initial impression is that I love this trainer and it will see lots of use especially during the winter. Ben though colder weather is now working its way out here in South Georgia I still purchased it as I plan to begin using it year round for training sessions that wouldn’t be safe or practical on the open road.
This will be one of those items that I can see myself hating to love it as it doesn’t give up it just will give me as demanding as a workout as I can dish out with no coasting or taking it easy. That being said it was impressed to see that unlike the Bell Motivator that stopped as soon as you stopped pedaling the Kurt Kinetic actually does gradually slow as if you were on the road. It still slowed quicker than a ride on the road but this spin Dow. Certainly made for more realistic feel during my ride last night.

That’s is my first impression of the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine bike trainer. Certainly worth the investment. If you are searching for this trainer might I suggest going to Clever Training where I purchased from. I received great service and communication from them
You can’t find them here, Clever Training and here is the link to the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

I hope you enjoyed my first impressions and look back again in the future as I plan to do another post after I have used the trainer for a while


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