2014 Parris Island Triathlon race recap or….. I stayed upright on the bike this year!

Parris Island Triathlon take 2

Today was the one year anniversary to my first triathlon. Last year I did this race and had a great time except for falling on the bike and fracturing my elbow. This year I went into this race with the plan of giving it all I had and trying to do better than I did last year. For the most part this was a success.

Saturday morning prerace

My wife and I got up at 5:30 am so we could go through our morning routines(she was racing too). We had our breakfast. I had the super healthy and perfect prerace breakfast of two sour cream donuts from Dunkin Donuts. They weren’t the best but they did taste good. After breakfast we got ready checked out the hotel and headed over to the Marine Base so we could setup our transition areas.

Transition setup

We arrived and went straight to transition area to get our stuff in order. As we arrived we noticed a new detail the Setup Events had added to the transition area. They had added name tags to the transition racks and alternated which direction they faced which in theory helped keep the transition areas cleaner. With this race I decided I would start with my cycling shoes on my bike to speed up my transition times. More on that later if it worked or not.

After getting our bikes setup we went to get our timing chips and body marking. One of the first things we noticed upon walking into the pool building was that it was HOT. So hot that it was borderline uncomfortable inside the building. Thankfully by the time the race started the building had cooled some with the doors being kept open.

The Swim

The race started at 9 am but due to such a slow projected swim time it was almost 10 am before I jumped into the pool. I went into this race hoping that I could maintain a 2:10/100 yard pace. I started off a little fast but quickly settled into my groove and felt like I was able to keep an even pace throughout the swim only being passed twice and one of those times I made the guy pass me twice. The first time he passed me but then started doing his recovery stroke and really slowed down so I passed him back. Determined that if he was gonna pass me he had to earn it and keep it. The remainder of my swim was uneventful

Official swim time: 13:45 17 of 18 in Males 35-39

My official time last year(2013) was 12:59

46 seconds slower than 2013
I need to work on my swim much much more

Transition 1

I ran out of the pool building and into the transition area. Of note running on asphalt barefooted doesn’t feel very good. I made it to my bike and was able to quickly put my sunglasses and helmet on then grabbed my bike and headed out.

Official transition 1 time:
0:55 4 of 18 in males 35-39

Official T1 time(2013): 1:00
Five seconds faster than 2013. The flying mount made a difference!

The Bike

I was a bit worried at how putting my cycling shoes on my feet while riding would go because the last time I tried it I had a good bit of trouble. Today was much different. It wasn’t perfect but I was able to get both shoes on quickly without slowing to much. Once that was done it was time to put the hammer down. I quickly realized that was a mistake. Prerace I had decided I would race in my big chain ring for this race and push my pace. Unfortunately I allowed my heart rate to get to high way to quick and had to cut back. I switched to my small chainring and kept my cadence high. This worked much better. This year unlike last year was uneventful. I only had to call out to a few people that were riding in the far left of the lane where I couldn’t pass them. I kept my pace steady and paced person after person on the bike.

Official bike time:
31:42 9 of 18 males 35-39

Official bike time(2013):
1:28 faster this year.

Transition 2

The flying dismount was brilliant. I sure wish I could have seen it. I quickly made it back to my transition area, racked my bike and took my helmet off. After that though my transition time took a big hit. I went to put my socks on my feet but things weren’t going well so I scratched putting them on. I then fumbled a bit more and grabbed my visor, race number belt, and some salt tablets.

Official transition 2 time:
1:14 12 of 18 males 35-39

Official T2 time(2013):

Still an improvement by 10 seconds but I know I can still do better

The Run

I do not normally run sockless because my feet blister with every shoe that I have ever tried it with and I knew today would be no different. I just hoped that it would be late in my run. Thankfully it was.

Today’s run was good but not what it could have been. It was a strong run for me but I know that I could have run it faster. I started out to fast and had to slow myself. But after that had trouble keeping my pace high. Somewhere around the .75 mile point a man passed me and I decided to stick with him as he at the time was running about the pace I wanted to keep. This worked well till the midway point at that time a very nice woman joined us and we were able to talk some. Unfortunately my pace slowed some. I should have left them but was feeling good and stayed with them. As we passed the 2 mile point the guy I had been pacing off of pulled away. And the woman was fading some I decided to pick my pace back up. As I did this I realized the guy I had been running with so long was my same age. I decided at that moment that if I could he wouldn’t be leaving me and if I would do my best to finish before him. What great motivation it was. I quickly caught him and
Hung with him a short distance till we reached the last water stop. I passed it and he grabbed some water. That was all I needed to pull away from him and stay ahead of him till we finished.

Official run time:
24:52 16 of 18 males 35-39

Official run time(2013):

I nice improvement of 61 seconds

Final time: 1:12:27
2013 final time: 1:14:28

A PR of 2 minutes!

I could have certainly done better on the run I should have pushed it harder instead of “taking it easy” but I did enjoy getting to run with those people and talking with them

Areas for improvement:

1. The swim! I must get better and I hope to do so. We just bought the Total Immersion DVD swim training videos after hearing great things about them and expect to see improvement in my swim times after working with these videos.

2. The bike, better job of pacing so that I can stay in the large chain ring.

3. The run. More consistent pacing. I felt good off the bike but did a poor job with pacing.

Overall I am very pleased with my improvements over last year and how I did this year. I really enjoy this race and highly recommend it. It is a fantastic venue it is really cool to see the young marines in training and the beautiful island. The event Promotor, Setup Events is one of the best. I have enjoyed everyone of their events that I have done and always look forward to doing more races by them.

  1. Hank said:

    Nice to finally meet you in person!

    • staceyscarboro said:

      Great to meet you too! And congratulations on your great race too!

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